Haxe got (awesome) macros!

research papers for mechanical engineering Hi guys, It has been a while since I posted the last time. master thesis telemedicine However I felt like it was the right moment to go back on the blog, to talk you about the new awesome Haxe macro system.

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famous essay writers As you can read on Nicolas’s blog, they’re only present in the latest SVN update, but they will be included in the next build as soon as they will be perfect. essay writing b2 I must say I’m extremely happy about that addition: one of the most important reasons I’m so happy is the fact that instead of implementing an old-and-bording Macro system ala C/C++, Nicolas decided to go for a much more powerful macro system, which allows typesafe macros and real runtime code generation.

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thesis regarding education You are not limited to simple stuff like replace a macro call with a block of source code, but you can generate any kind of valid AST expressions that will be evaluated by the macro preprocessor at compile time. http://www.cgmediagroup.com/custom-essay-about-broadway-musical-theater/ easiest way to write an essay Moreover you have access to almost the whole neko library (io, net, etc) which means you can write extremely powerful code generators and DSL! That’s an awesome feature – really.

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