AMFPHP 1.9 changes and future plans

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Apa Term Papers On Child Langauge Development – Returning a mysql_query will now return either an Array or an ArrayCollection depending on the setting in gateway.php – browser now brings up the brand spanking new Flex 2-based service browser Order Resume Online Argos You can read here for a detailed list of changes

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AMFPHP 1.0 milestone 2 alpha

  • Added new methodTable option (per method) “fastArray” => true|false for fast array serializing on return (will only make a difference for large multidimensional nested voodoo arrays)
  • Added new method Headers::getHeader($key) available from all services, also HeadersFilter.php added
  • Added FrontBase support
  • Added Pear::db support
  • Added CSV-based recordsets support
  • Renamed sql folder to adapters to fit with the CSV recordsets
  • Various bugfixes for PHP4 MethodTable class
  • Major overhaul of service browser, should work much better now
  • New actionscript template system for service browser, see browser/templates/ for examples
  • Added new return type binary that will write the value as a string but without charsetHandling
  • Added new return type raw that will write to the output stream directly (careful)
  • SSL with ie hopefully works now

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AMFPHP, method table automation

Apa Research Paper In this way, using his class, you can instead of writing every time you create a new PHP class, or just editing it, the code like:

Write My Report For Me $this->methodTable = array( "getParkTypes" => array( "description" => "Returns list of park types", "access" => "remote", "arguments" => array ("arg1") ), "getParksList" => array( "description" => "Shows list of parks given a park type", "access" => "remote", "arguments" => array ("parkType") ), "getParkDetails" => array( "description" => "Return details on a park give the parkname", "access" => "remote", "arguments" => array ("parkName") ) ); Help With Essay Writing Australia

require_once("MethodTable.php"); $this->methodTable = MethodTable::create($this);

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