AMFPHP 1.0 milestone 2 alpha

  • Added new methodTable option (per method) “fastArray” => true|false for fast array serializing on return (will only make a difference for large multidimensional nested voodoo arrays)
  • Added new method Headers::getHeader($key) available from all services, also HeadersFilter.php added
  • Added FrontBase support
  • Added Pear::db support
  • Added CSV-based recordsets support
  • Renamed sql folder to adapters to fit with the CSV recordsets
  • Various bugfixes for PHP4 MethodTable class
  • Major overhaul of service browser, should work much better now
  • New actionscript template system for service browser, see browser/templates/ for examples
  • Added new return type binary that will write the value as a string but without charsetHandling
  • Added new return type raw that will write to the output stream directly (careful)
  • SSL with ie hopefully works now

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PEAR::SWF updating… read and modify swf with PHP

Dissertation Philosophie Hegel Basically now, other than returning all the main information from an swf file, such as the bg color, framerate, player version, compression, protection used, movie size.., it allows to modify some of those parameters. College Essay About Helping Others For example it can change the Gay Rights Persuasive Essay framerate, background, protection… I’m also working in order to allows the class modify some other swf tags in runtime.. Argumentative Essay Helper Working example Should We Help The Poor Essay Buy Online Essays Uk <?php Custom Home Business Plan // include the PEAR package Common Essay Buy require “File/File_SWF.php”; Dissertation Writing Services Chennai $flash = new SWF(“source.swf”); Bristol University History Of Art Dissertation if($flash->is_valid()){ Best Resume Writing Services For Teacher Reviews $stat = $flash->stat(); // this give all the info // and also..
$fps = $flash->getFrameRate();
$size = $flash->getMovieSize();
$bg = $flash->getBackgroundColor();
$prot = $flash->getProtected();
$compr = $flash->getCompression();
$version = $flash->getVersion();

A Cause And Effect Essay Should Be Written $flash->setFrameRate(60);