Backup your batabases w/o phpmyadmin ethan eade phd thesis I often read threads about export/import data from MySQL and it’s always mentioned phpmyadmin as the only way to do that (with PHP indeed). But that’s not true, and it’s indeed the slower way to do that, expecially when importing large database files (because phpmyadmin has problems with large db)…
This would be just a reminder 🙂
Use an SSH client, like putty (if your database is on a remote server), to connect to your server and export the databse you want simply with: should i do my homework on friday stone cold essay help help dissertation dissertation help mysqldump degree assignment help –user=username –password=1234 –databases your_database –opt –quote-names –allow-keywords –complete-insert | bzip2 -c > your_database.sql.bz2

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uk viagra sales online download the .bz2 file created, unzip it using 7-zip (if you dont have any other uncompress utility), and backup your database in mysql using: write my finance class papers business plan venture capital dissertation writing service malaysia no plagiarism mysql –user=username –password your_database < your_database.sql

writing nt service advanced higher history dissertation help that’s faster than using “import” from phpmyadmin

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Installing PHP5 on Apache server

an essay on racism Today i was trying to install the new PHP5 module on my local apache server.
It’s really simple at least, but when searching for instructions i discovered drugs affecting levitra WAMP5, which includes in the installation: how to write a college application essay historical
  • Apache 1.3.31
  • PHP 5.0.0
  • MySQL 4.0.18
  • PhpMyAdmin 2.5.7
  • sqlitemanager

discount discount online viagra viagra viagra I’ve immediately installed it 😉
Once installed you’ll see a new tray icon with some options for your installed services.
I sugges it if you are thinking to install PHP5 on your local machine (i have also a separate apache/php4/mysql3 framework on my machine too, in this way i can always switch trought the two version of PHP/MySQL)

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