Runtime expression evaluation in ActionScript

royal bank business plan Finally I have a bit of free time to write down this post. Some days ago a guy on the forum asked about how to barth development dissertation early hermeneutic karl nabpr series evaluate at runtime simple mathematical expressions with support for symbols and function calls. buy paper essay

make or buy analysis essay Now that the eval function have been removed from the language for reasons I’ve not enought time to talk about, we need to parse and execute those expressions manually. helping out community essay I built a simple Actionscript library that can be used to parse mathematical expressions: it has support for function calls, for variables and it is able to convert the expression into a postfix rappresentation if you may need it. The expression parser is quite simple and have been built manually following some concepts related to programming language compilers; it includes a Scanner (or lexer – however you want to call it) to tokenize the expression, a Parser that convert the expression into an Abstract Syntax Tree and a simple routine that evaluates that AST using a Symbol Table as evaluation context.

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dissertation boot camp unt There are no comments inside the code right now; I hope to find a little bit of time to write an in depth discussion about this topic. In the mean time you can continue reading the entry for a general explanation about how does the code works and for some examples that may be useful.

how to write mba admission essay best dissertation reviews Here is a simple example that shows how does the code works:

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import it.sephiroth.expr.CompiledExpression;
import it.sephiroth.expr.Parser;
import it.sephiroth.expr.Scanner;
public class Example
public static function run(): void
var expression: String = "sin( x / ( 8 / 2 + (-0.12 + 2.3) * x / x ) ) * 100";
var scanner: Scanner = new Scanner( expression );
var parser: Parser = new Parser( scanner );
var compiled: CompiledExpression = parser.parse();
var context: Object = {
x:    100,
sin:   Math.sin,
cos:  Math.cos
trace( 'Postfix:', compiled.toString() );
trace( 'Result:', compiled.execute( context ) );

dissertation philosophie conscient inconscient Before I forgot, you can download the source code here with a simple example included. writing a good college admissions essay start research paper on xenobiotics Continue reading pay someone to write my college essay