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1 Essays Online For Sale { Essay To Order     import flash.display.Sprite;     import; Plagiarized Papers     import; Dissertation Francaise Methodologie     import;     import; Essay On The Mass Media     import flash.utils.ByteArray;     import flash.utils.Timer;
    import flash.utils.getQualifiedClassName;
    import org.purepdf.elements.RectangleElement;
    import org.purepdf.elements.images.ImageElement;
    import org.purepdf.pdf.PageSize;
    import org.purepdf.pdf.PdfDocument;
    import org.purepdf.pdf.PdfViewPreferences;
    import org.purepdf.pdf.PdfWriter;
    import org.purepdf.pdf.codec.TiffImage;

    public class TestTIF extends Sprite
        [Embed( source="assets/foxdog_multiplepages.tif", mimeType="application/octet-stream" )]
        private var cls1: Class;
        private var document: PdfDocument;
        private var writer: PdfWriter;
        private var buffer: ByteArray;
        private var filename: String;
        private var index: int;
        private var pages: int;
        private var stream: RandomAccessFileOrArray;

        public function TestTIF()
         addEventListener( Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, onAdded );
      private function onAdded( event: Event ): void
            stage.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick );

        private function createDocument( subject: String = null, rect: RectangleElement = null ): void
            buffer = new ByteArray();

            if ( rect == null )
                rect = PageSize.A4;
            writer = PdfWriter.create( buffer, rect );
            document = writer.pdfDocument;
            document.addTitle( getQualifiedClassName( this ) );

            if ( subject )
                document.addSubject( subject );
            document.setViewerPreferences( PdfViewPreferences.FitWindow );

        private function onClick( event: Event ): void
            filename = getQualifiedClassName( this ).split( "::" ).pop() + ".pdf";
            var byte: ByteArray = new cls1();
            stream = new RandomAccessFileOrArray( byte );
            var image: ImageElement = ImageElement.getInstance( byte );
            createDocument( "Multi page TIFF Image Example", PageSize.A4 );
            // add the first page to the document
            document.add( image );
            // get the total number of pages
            pages = TiffImage.getNumberOfPages( stream );
         trace("number of pages: " + pages );
            // next page index to add to document (first page is 1)
            index = 2;
            var timer: Timer = new Timer( 100, 1 );
            timer.addEventListener( TimerEvent.TIMER, onTimerComplete );

        private function onComplete(): void

        private function onTimerComplete( event: TimerEvent ): void
            if ( index > pages )
            document.add( TiffImage.getTiffImage( stream, index ) );
            Timer( ).reset();
            Timer( ).start();

        private function save( e: * = null ): void
            var f: FileReference = new FileReference();
   buffer, filename );

Romeo And Juliet Essay Conclusions

Essay Writers Required And here the input TIF image.

Term Paper Methodology

PdfReader for purePDF

How To Do Your Cv

Using PdfReader an existing pdf document can be opened and parsed. Later I will also port the PdfStamper which will allow to modify existing pdf documents.
Currently I’ve posted 3 simple examples about the Phd Thesis In Management PdfReader:
  1. Extract bookmarks
  2. Extract text
  3. Extract images
  4. ExtractTextPDF.air (air application): browse for local pdf documents and display pages contents
Currently the reader has some limitations (such as it cannot open crypted documents) and it’s not fast enough, but I hope to optimize it in the future.

Flash alpha GradientMatrix to PDF using purePDF Help Writing A Cv

Not only because pdf and flash have 2 different coordinates system and because the gradient matrix is applied in 2 different ways, but also if you want to convert gradient with transparent colors inside.
Let me say that I’ve encountered the same issue Mario posted here, even if I made a little modification to his solution:
This is the swf example. Click on the sprite to start the animation. It will rotate and translate both the sprite and its gradient matrix, then click again to stop the animation and create the pdf file at that frame.
In order to create the correct gradient matrix with the right position and rotation in purePDF I’ve used the PdfShading.complexAxial static method in this way:
You can see my solution (which probably is not the best one, but it’s the one I discovered for now) in the code below. Phd Research Proposal For Scholarship

purePDF, a complete actionscript PDF library

Assignment Writing Services In Malaysia The project is actually hosted on google code. College Paper Buy iText ( and purePDF ) has tons of features for create and manipulate pdf documents. A quick list of the features actually implemented into purepdf:

  • pdf viewers display options
  • alpha transparency, blend modes
  • layers
  • arabic RTL writing
  • support for pdf text rendering ( example )
  • tables ( nested tables, page split tables, table with images, etc…)
  • slide show ( page transitions )
  • annotations, comments, file annotations
  • patterns, shadings patterns (linear and gradient), spot colors, rgb color and cmyk color
  • linear and radial gradients with alpha ( example or example 2 )
  • forms (user input forms, textfields, combo box, list, checkbox)
  • paragraphs, phrases, chunks for text manipulation, chapters, lists…
  • images (jpeg, png, animated gif, tif, bitmapdata ) and image patterns
  • basic and advanced paths
  • afm, otf, pfm, ttc and ttf fonts (embedded and not embedded)
  • metadata, page header and footers
  • external, internal links
  • barcodes creation ( ean-ucc 13, ucc-12, ean-ucc-8, upc-e, pdf 417, ean supplements) ( example )
  • unicode, cjk fonts and text
  • file attachments
  • javascript ( example )
  • multi column text
  • Embedded movies ( example )
  • Vertical text ( see this example )
  • and many other features…

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