Reading resource files from native code

Need A Comparison Contrast Essay Using The Valuation Approa Something like:

Viagra Cialis Levitra Buy Online { Elie Wiesel Essay    AssetFileDescriptor ad = null; Cheapest Airfare Write A Comment Website    try Sample Short Business Plan    {       ad = getResources().getAssets().openFd( path );
      Integer off = (int) ad.getStartOffset();
      Integer len = (int) ad.getLength();
      int res[] = { off, len };
      return res;
   } catch( IOException e ) {
      Log.e( TAG, e.toString() );
   return null;

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A better solution I’m using is to open the current apk application using the libzip library. Just download the library and compile as static library, then include it in your make file under the Write Your Own Story Online LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES section.
What you have to do first is to send the current application filename from java, once at startup, in this way:

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Topics For Creative Writing For Grade 1 try {
   info = getContext().getPackageManager().getPackageInfo("com.example.text", 0);
} catch( NameNotFoundException e ) {
   Log.e( TAG, e.toString() );
setAppName( info.applicationInfo.sourceDir );