Apple Safari for Windows. Terrible! Dissertation Of Fault Detection In Induction Motor Using Neural Network Probably you know that Apple just released a public beta version of its web browser Safari for Windows.

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Why don’t try it out? So, after Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera I downloaded and installed it immediately just for curiosity, even if looking at the demo I saw they forced the application UI to be like OSX rather than following the Windows standards (like for iTunes). Berkeley Cs Phd Thesis And this is the first reason I dont like Apple applications for Windows (I’m on pc, not on a mac and I dont want to have a mac UI!). Iraq War Research Paper

Buy Buying Sale Viagra Ok, I’ve installed it and uninstalled just after 5 minutes. I can understand it’s just a beta, but quite all the pages I tested are weird with lot of things missing, the HTML isn’t rendered as I expected. I did just a search on google as first attempt but the result page was unreadable at all! Research Papers English Language Teaching

Dissertation Boot Camp Chicago Some minor issues: Essay About Communication why the font smoothing can be changed in the application preferences? On Windows the font smoothing it’s set in the OS preferences, so just use that value.

During these 5 minutes I found many other issues, but I really think this is due to the fact it’s still the first public beta..