AMFPHP 1.9 beta 2 – so fassssssst

Phd Education No Dissertation On 26th January Patrick posted about the new amfphp beta which, thanks to the Emanuele Ruffaldi‘s php module (you can get the binary and source files here), seems to be “ridiculously faster“.

I had 5 minutes today for testing it. Just a simple test with an array of 1,000 objects and using ServiceCapture in background to see the performance differences between the older amfphp version and this one. Purchase Essay And Not Custom The new amfphp version gave me these results (I has to say I had many other programs running in background…):

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Best Dissertations Ever Type: amf Dissertation Makers In Uk This request bundled all of the following service calls: Domyhomework amfphp.getList() Request: 697 bytes Dissertation Limitations Study Response: 15968 bytes Dissertation Writing For Construction Total: 16665 bytes Response Time: 0.19 seconds

Argumentative Essay Help Doctoral Full History Scientific Thesis while the older one:

Type: amf Diversity Essay For College This request bundled all of the following service calls: amfphp.getList()
Request: 697 bytes
Response: 16967 bytes
Total: 17664 bytes
Response Time: 0.541 seconds

So, incredible faster 🙂
This new beta comes with onther features such as gzip support, better recordset support and ByteArray support… but I strongly suggest to read the full article on Patrick’s blog here:…/amfphp-19-beta-2-ridiculously-faster/