Comment, Comment Everywhere

Dissertation Writing Ppt Commenting lines, commenting multilines, uncommenting lines ect.. College Admission Essay Online Music If you’re a SE|PY user you probalby know that actually there are 2 different menu items for commenting/uncommenting code (and also 2 different key shortcuts). I received different requests for change this thing. Some people ask me to make a unique shortcut/menu for commenting and uncommenting code, and also make 2 different way of add comment (one for ‘//’ comment and the other for ‘/*’ comment). In this way, if you hit “comment” on a line: _root.gotoAndStop(1); it will become // _root.gotoAndStop(1); and, if you hit again on “comment” with the selection in the same line it will turn back to _root.gotoAndStop(1); Buy Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 oem No problem in fact with single line selection.. but if you hit “comment” on a multiline selection like: Best Custom Term Paper _root.gotoAndStop(1); //play(); another_line(); what should be the result? Newcastle University Australia Phd Thesis 1st solution: Detect line by line, if line is commented then uncomment it, otherwise comment line //_root.gotoAndStop(1); play(); Comment Ecrire Une Dissertation Litteraire //another_line(); or 2nd solution Detect first line of the selection, if this line is commented, then try to uncomment all the lines in selection, otherwise comment every line of selection Custom Essay Writing Service Uk //_root.gotoAndStop(1); //play(); //another_line(); there is also a discussion in the developement mailing list, I’m not completely sure which is the best solution, even i prefer the second one.. I would like to know your opinion