Silverlight 3.0 beta

dissertation search engines Today I discovered this page about the upcoming essay order requirement digraph Silverlight 3.0 and I was really surprised about the ton of new features they are adding in this new release. In fact, reading at the features list it confusing me… it seems to me like I was reading a page with the flash player capabilities.. more or less. Assignment Format If SIlverlight 2.0 was comparable, more or less to flash 5, I believe ( but I should test it before ) that this new version has quite all the features of flash 10. Moreover, dont forget, Silverlight has a couple of advantages above flash: a more powerful vector rendering engine and threads capabilities.

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Dissertation Proposal Defense Powerpoint Read the full article here: P.S. …just because I continued following links around MS pages I also came across a new feature microsoft will add to Essay Zeit Online C#, one of those features I always envy to python: the named arguments. I really find it useful, instead of writing twenty null arguments ( like when you create a textformat… ) you simply call arguments by name.

Fear of Silverlight?

source site Since the announcement of Microsoft Silverlight I continue to read posts of flashers (being subscribed to mxna feed) attacking silverlight in various manner.. (here some links to these posts) Problem Solving Homework Help I must admit I don’t know silverlight at all. I just watched some online demos and downloaded some examples. page For what I’ve seen I don’t like it too (but just for personal feeling), but I also have to consider it’s the first (and beta) version…. Otherwise I think the vector rendering engine is more powerful than the flash one. But why people fear of it? Does it because it’s a Microsoft stuff? Or just because it’s a possible Flash competitor? phd thesis on labour turnover Usually when someone attacks something, this means that you fear or it. But I don’t agree, I hope MS will continue the development of silverlight because competition can only be a benefit in a global market. Don’t you agree with this?

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