TransformTool modification buy office 2010 professional plus Recently I used the great senocular Transform Tool for a Flex2 project. We just needed to made a little modification to the way the scale transformation worked. Something like the buy home work Photoshop’s Transform tool, where the registration point only affects rotation, while all the scale controls are independent from the registration point. For this reason I modified a bit the TransformTool code to allow this feature to be set on/off (I called this scaleWithRegistration)


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phd thesis dissertation ncsu This is the code used in the mxml Application file: Purchase A Dissertation 5 Weeks
< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" creationComplete="init()" backgroundGradientColors="[#ffffff,#ffffff]" viewSourceURL="/test/flex/2/transform_tool/srcview/index.html">
   <mx:image x="10" y="45" source="" id="image" complete="onImageComplete(event)"/>
      < ![CDATA[
         import com.senocular.display.TransformTool;
         private var tool:TransformTool;
         private function init():void
         private function onImageComplete(event:Event):void
            var timer:Timer = new Timer(1000,1);
            timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, function(evt:TimerEvent):void
            image.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, createTool);
         private function onDoubleClick(event:MouseEvent):void
            tool = null;
         private function createTool(event:MouseEvent):void
               tool = new TransformTool();
               tool.addEventListener(MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK, onDoubleClick);
      = image;
               tool.scaleWithRegistration = scale_registration.selected;
   <mx:checkbox x="10" y="10" id="scale_registration" label="scale with registration" selected="{tool.scaleWithRegistration}" click="{tool.scaleWithRegistration =}" enabled="{tool != null}"/>
Source file of the modified senocular's transform tool emerson essay self reliance Title: Transform Tool (0 click) school report writing Caption: Source file of the modified senocular's transform tool
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