MySQL Workbench 1.0.5

go to site MySQL has released some days ago a new tool for Database Design. It can handle tables, stored procedures, functions, triggers and views of your existing databases (using the reverse engineering command). follow link Some features: – Reverse engineering of existing MySQL databases – Import DBDesigner4 models – Synchronize edited model with MySQL database click – Generate SQL create script file – Printing (Windows) – Powrefull scripting and plugin interface. Plugins can be written in several languages, such as Lua, PHP, Java and Python.
– Fast, OpenGL based graphical canvas
It is available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX too.
There’s also the source code free for download.
I found also a very nice Database tool, with tons of features, even if the GUI is not really usable (in my opinion): Aqua Data Studio 4.5
In these days I worked a lot with MySQL 5 and it’s new features and I found those tools very comfortable for my needs.
I hope my hosting provider (mediatemple) will upgrade mysql server too, which is still the 3.23.58!,73820,73820#msg-73820