Comment, Comment Everywhere

Commenting lines, commenting multilines, uncommenting lines ect.. B J Pinchbecks Homework Helpline If you’re a SE|PY user you probalby know that actually there are 2 different menu items for commenting/uncommenting code (and also 2 different key shortcuts). I received different requests for change this thing. Some people ask me to make a unique shortcut/menu for commenting and uncommenting code, and also make 2 different way of add comment (one for ‘//’ comment and the other for ‘/*’ comment). Dissertations Thesis In this way, if you hit “comment” on a line: _root.gotoAndStop(1); it will become // _root.gotoAndStop(1); and, if you hit again on “comment” with the selection in the same line it will turn back to _root.gotoAndStop(1); No problem in fact with single line selection.. but if you hit “comment” on a multiline selection like: _root.gotoAndStop(1); //play(); Mechanical Engineering Master Thesis another_line(); what should be the result? 1st solution: Detect line by line, if line is commented then uncomment it, otherwise comment line //_root.gotoAndStop(1); play(); Phd Thesis Quarry //another_line(); or 2nd solution Detect first line of the selection, if this line is commented, then try to uncomment all the lines in selection, otherwise comment every line of selection //_root.gotoAndStop(1); //play(); //another_line(); there is also a discussion in the developement mailing list, I’m not completely sure which is the best solution, even i prefer the second one.. I would like to know your opinion

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