CubeRotate flickr slideshow

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Thanks to alex uhlmann who released the source code of his presentation at MAX, I’ve managed to do this little flickr slideshow based on his CubeRotate flex effect.

This effect, beside all the others in the flex component, are based in Sandy (a great opensource 3D engine).

Using the flickr libs from first I’ve created a very simple slideshow to take pictures from my personal gallery, then I followed the examples provided within the Alex’s files and voilà.. a little but indeed cool effect 🙂

Just one remark. I need to put a PHP page on my site with reads the flickr image file, using php’s function readfile, otherwise all the bitmapdata effects couldn’t works, because images are not from the same domain…If someone is interested I put toghether also a little tutorial on how to make it.

For more informations read the original entry @ Alex Uhlmann blog.

P.S. Do you like that little boy in the first picture? 🙂 It’s me!

Source Code for Flex
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Caption: Source Code for Flex
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  • The peformances are impressive, I remember when I used Sandy on AS2 the CPU usage went easily to high percentages (also with Flash Player 9). This is very low. I can easily see that during the transition, the resolution is dropped down, but still… do you reckon there are also differences based on the compiler AS3 generates faster code than AS2 for Flash Player 9?

  • Tom

    Great code but my RAM never stop to grow up ! I made a same code (with Sandy engine too) and you should pay attention to delete the image when you change your cube view (else my browse will be crashed :-))