What will be the future?

I know I should write something about actionscript 4 or FOTB, but what is happening right now in the world is catching all my attention.
Is this the beginning of the end? Or is it just an overstimate pain?

I don’t know what you all think about this, but I’m getting really scared about the future (Middle Ages?).


  • Scary indeed.
    Traditionally during times of economic downturn, the entertainment industry does well (not enough cash for a restaurant, but enough for the cinema). I like to think that “online entertainment”, be it youtube or flash games or whatever will be in that same category, so us web guys will still have food on our tables.
    But yeah, scary.

  • DJ

    Don’t look to the media as a guide of what to do with your finances. They spread fear and people who listen are reacting in fear. Think long term, not short term. Avoid debt like a plague. And remember only you can control your financial outcome in life.

  • Brendan

    Wag the dog! I believe it’s all scripted. The only way to have complete control especially in global markets is for the very rich and governments to write the script that we all live by and for us to take the cue from the media. OnEnterframe buy property or was it gold? Oh shit and every holiday barrels of oil just shoot up in price but you can get it in Botswana for around a dollar! 🙂 don’t buy in to the shit! smile and live and wag your own dawg!

  • Ales

    Watch this: About financial current system labor slavery, etc.: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

  • well, i come from argentina and you dont want to trust your bank. money is virtual….it magically svanishes.
    why stock markets aren’t located a las vegas?

  • I believe our world is about to change for the better. A change that it will be profound indeed.
    It’s all about the “haves” and “have nots” as it always has been. And this is about to end … Before this though it will look like we plunge towards something really bad. But that’s just an appearance and the worst it will be for us to panic.
    I was also going to suggest the movie Zeitgeist. A very well made movie that shows how the haves try to hold on to the control of the masses …
    Not to fear though a new age is emerging, an age that the concept of democracy will at last mean really something …
    and let’s not forget that the outside world really represents that’s happening inside …

  • Nick M.

    … in my last post there is a mistake …
    in the last sentence
    I wonder if it can be changed …
    “… really represents that’s happening inside …”
    should be:
    “… really represents what’s happening inside …”

  • Joshua D.

    Yes. This is the beginning of the end. What Nick M. said about Zeitgeist, it is a very good informational documentary and also the addendum. The best thing to do know is gather knowledge and be ready. A rEvolution is coming in the US, but they planned and scripted that as well, it will only be a reason to further implement their new world order. Martial Law is coming before bush is supposed to leave office, you can bet on that.

  • Well, first let me say that I thought my previous post wouldn’t be posted but it would go through the moderator to make the correction … but anyway …
    Joshua D. I’d like to add that Zeitgeist as good a documentary as it is it’s also kind of dreary. The future will be bleak only if we choose so. So far the most of us have chosen to passively watch how others control us and what is happening is just a wake up call. But there is no reason to see this as a punishment nor as hopeless …

  • Don’t be scared, you will have forgotten all about that movie after a while.
    Doomsday shit has always been around.
    Im more scared of catching deadlines 😉
    Take it easy, chill out and read a book.
    Tao Te Ching for example 🙂

  • Actionscript 4?!? damn, just started learning actionscript 3… I’ve gotta hurry… 🙂