Distort Tool using triangles

http://www.captainconso.com/project-for-mechanical-engineering-students/ project for mechanical engineering students So just to continue the topic of distorting images using the Graphics.drawTriangles method, like the first experiments I did before, I did my implementation of a simple Distort Tool using the same method. http://www.fiascoultimate.com/how-to-start-a-college-admission-essay-12/ how to start a college admission essay 12 And here the result:

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viagra price per pill uk screenshot of the distort tool in action

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writing university essay And here you can download the source code: distort_tool.zip

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Flash Genie effect using drawTriangles

a beautiful mind essay To be honest I’ve never looked at the drawTriangles actionscript method till now. I don’t know why. Probably because I’m getting lazy. essay for me Anyway, finally I had the chance to make some tests with the Graphics.drawTriangles method

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http://show-tv.es/thesis-on-banking-service-quality/ thesis on banking service quality Here’s the test I’ve made:

http://www.montebovi.net/?dissertation-cultural-dendroflora dissertation cultural dendroflora And here the source code: test_triangles.zip

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Master of Alchemy: our first iPad game!

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We’re really proud to introduce our first iPad game: Master of Alchemy.
Master of Alchemy is an iPad game developed by DarkWave Games and published by Chillingo – Coming very soon on app store.
We are really proud of our game: it is being presented at E3 Expo 2010.
Master of Alchemy is an original and engaging puzzle game based on the manipulation of solid, liquid and gaseous elements.
Exploiting the features of a series of instruments (stills or alambics, button, hot air balloons, etc.), player can create new elements. To complete each level, he has to generate one or more required substances and bring them to some targets containers. facebook  zoosk  badoo
Substances’ streams are characterized by a realistic behavior, because of the implementation of a physics engine.
So, like an alchemist, player creates new substances, starting from basic elements characterized by different colors and by the three material states.
In detail, player has to manage a small alchemic laboratory that is equipped by an increasing number of instruments (alembics – like crucibles, pipes, coils, blenders, steam engines, condensers, etc.). Thanks to these tools, he can blend, fuse, sublimate, condense or break up elements, according to the targets and limits/obstacles of levels.
In background to the various levels, there is the history of Master of Alchemy: the war between the two factions of the setting (alchemists and mechanologists – the machine-oriented scientists).
At the beginning of MoA, player has to choose which alchemist to perform (among a group of six characters). During the game, his alchemist evolves.
Main Features:
  • realistic physics engine;
  • manipulation of colorful flows of gas, solids and liquids – transformation tools specifically designed to maximize the amazing capabilities of the http://www.amoreplast.it/?term-paper-proofreading term paper proofreading iPad; an iPhone version will be coming soon
  • steampunk artwork style – Amazing Graphic Details
  • moving physics obstacles – buttons, hot air balloons, gates, big solid blocks, etc.
  • disappearing walls – to create gameplay variations: player will have to move tools inside the level more than once to solve it
  • secondary targets: purity, gems bonus, time bonus, to minimize particles loss/waste unique puzzle designs;
  • a fantastic storyline – a detailed background setting with a related comics;
  • presented at E3 Expo 2010.
http://www.il-bandito.com/best-cover-letter-for-buyer/ best cover letter for buyer Other Features:
  • 60 levels – hours of fun!
  • Almost 20 tools (alambics)
  • Animated tools
  • More than 10 Interactive Obstacles (buttons, hot air balloons, disappearing walls, gates, big solid blocks, etc.)
  • Crystal Implementation
  • 6 different characters to perform
  • In-game characters’ evolutions
  • Positional sound effects
  • An interactive and animated tutorial
  • More than a solution in most of the levels
http://www.phaseii.com/pay-someone-to-write-a-research-paper/ pay someone to write a research paper Videos:
Watch Master of alchemy videos on YouTube

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Aviary new bird, Roc Music Creator!

http://www.accrorando.fr/romans-homework/ romans homework Yesterday Aviary announced the new bird: Music Creator ( codename Roc ).

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Now anyone can create music and beats completely from scratch and right in their browser, by simulating almost 50 different instruments, ranging from common instruments like various drums, pianos and guitars to orchestral instruments like harps and flutes to more obscure (but fun!) instruments you may never have heard of like the balarimba and hammered dulcimer.
There are tons of different instruments to chose from.
Creation is really simple and every creation can be exported both as mp3 and to be used in the Aviary Audio Editor.
Let’s have fun with it!