Disable asset compression with Android aapt

Master Environmental Science Thesis Management In fact, using AssetManager.openFd to return to the C++ code a FileDescriptor does not work with compressed sources. http://digsafelyoregon.com/get-resumes/ Get Resumes When aapt compile the resources into the apk file it compress by default all the files which extensions are not recognized and those which recognize as text files.

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http://www.catcoglobal.com/?do-speech Do Speech #!/bin/bash</p>
<p>strParams=""<br />
CWD=’dirname $0’</p>
<p>for i in $@; do<br />
   if [ $i = "-S" ]; then<br />
      strParams="$(echo $strParams) -v -0 \"\""<br />
   fi<br />
   strParams="$(echo $strParams) $i"<br />
<p>tool="$CWD/_aapt $strParams"<br />
$tool 1>&2<br />