purePDF and transparent BitmapData

Recently I’ve updated purePDF to a new version fixing one bug which caused problems with PNG images.
However when you’re trying to add BitmapData with transparency  to a pdf document you probably get black backgrounds to your images. This is because internaly purePDF converts bitmapdata into 24bit tiff images, so no alpha informations.

This is a script you can use to convert your BitmapData images into transparent pdf ImageElements:

* Create a transparent ImageElement
* An ImageElement with the input bitmapdata RGB informations will be
* created and an ImageElement will be used as mask ( using the alpha info from the bitmapdata )
* If the input bitmapdata is not transparent a regular ImageElement will be returned.
protected function createTransparentImageElement( bitmap: BitmapData ): ImageElement
var output: ByteArray = new ByteArray();
var transparency: ByteArray = new ByteArray();
var input: ByteArray = bitmap.getPixels( bitmap.rect );
input.position = 0;

while( input.bytesAvailable ){
const pixel: uint = input.readInt();

// write the RGB informations
output.writeByte( (pixel >> 16) & 0xff );
output.writeByte( (pixel >> 8) & 0xff );
output.writeByte( (pixel >> 0) & 0xff );

// write the alpha informations
transparency.writeByte( (pixel >> 24) & 0xff );

output.position = 0;
transparency.position = 0;

var mask: ImageElement = ImageElement.getRawInstance( bitmap.width, bitmap.height, 1, 8, transparency, null );
var image: ImageElement = ImageElement.getRawInstance( bitmap.width, bitmap.height, 3, 8, output, null );

if( bitmap.transparent )
image.imageMask = mask;
return image;

and here there’s a demo app: http://bit.ly/dOT2ob

Android experiments

As you probably understood during last days I’m completely absorbed in Android development.
While experimenting new things ( it remembers to me the first days with Flash 🙂 ) I did a couple of applications and I’ve published them to the market ( it takes less than one hour to be published on the market, just some weeks less than on the app store ).

First one is a simple note application, very similar to the iPhone note app. This one was for testing the ContentProvider and the built-in android search feature.
Second one is for view, search, plan routes for the Milan subway. This is a mix of features: google maps api, layar intergration, gps locations..