purePDF and transparent BitmapData

However when you’re trying to add BitmapData with transparency ┬áto a pdf document you probably get black backgrounds to your images. This is because internaly purePDF converts bitmapdata into 24bit tiff images, so no alpha informations.

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                // write the alpha informations
                transparency.writeByte( (pixel >> 24) & 0xff );
        output.position = 0;
        transparency.position = 0;
        var mask: ImageElement = ImageElement.getRawInstance( bitmap.width, bitmap.height, 1, 8, transparency, null );
        var image: ImageElement = ImageElement.getRawInstance( bitmap.width, bitmap.height, 3, 8, output, null );

        if( bitmap.transparent )
                image.imageMask = mask;
        return image;

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