Simply Note

Simple Note is just a clean and simple note application.

It has been done for those who dont want the full and too much featured notes applications with tags, folders, photos, locations, sync and so on.

This is very similar to the iPhone note app, just create and edit notes, export and import and nothing else.

Can also accept shared content from other applications

  • I really like the looks of Simply Note but I really wish it would use the simplenote api. I use a desktop note program and the firefox quicknote addon that both use the simplenote api. It lets my notes stay synced on various computers and devices. You can find out more about the simplenote api at

  • Jarturont

    Pro version cannot download

  • Hi, are you interesting by a french translation of Simply Note ? I can do this for you if you want 🙂 Thanks for you good job !

    • Yes indeed! drop me an email (alessandro sephiroth dot it) and I will send you the file to be translated!

  • Isaac Puch Rojo

    How can I see/edit the Notes on the PC with Dropbox. I found the file ~/Dropbox/SimplyNotes/inotes.bak
    but I would like to see and edit it.

  • exile

    Hi, today i bought the Pro version, to sync my Google tasks. Unfortunately it didn’t work (list in app stayed empty), so I gave it back. Is there any explanation for this, I would like to give it another try. Greetings from Hamburg.

    • sounds strange, can you see a [simply note] task folder inside the gmail account you selected in the simply note app settings?

      • exile

        No, where should this folder appear, inside the task window of the Google web interface?

        • yes. and once you add a new note on your phone it will appear also there ( “when” depends on the other syn options you choose in the setting panel of google task )

  • Pask

    Ottima applicazione

  • vale

    sono interessata a quest’applicazione, ma non riesco a trovarla su android market dal telefonino (ho un samsung galaxy next, con android 2.2.1).
    Ho trovato solo l’app in B/W, l’ho installata, ma non riesco ad accedervi (conosco ancora poco android, ma di solito qualsiasi cosa installo compare tra le applicazioni, questa proprio no la trovo…). forse il mio telefonino non ha tutti i requisiti?

    Grazie per l’aiuto, la tua app mi interessa molto!

  • David Arditti

    I get the pro version and sync with google task do not work !
    I can’t see a “simply note” folder in my google task account What can I do ?

    • sorry about that. I’m still working on that to fix out some strange behaviors like this..
      is the app installed on the sdcard or on the internal memory?
      do you currently have notes on your note app? which syncronization type have you enabled on settings page?
      did you clicked on sync now?
      in gmail in the tasks list can’t you see something like this?

      • David Arditti

        Thank you for your prompt reply !
        1) I don’t know. I install the application from android Market in a completely standard way.
        2) yes
        3) Google Tasks РInt̩gration Google Tasks : activ̩e РCompte : my account Gmail
        4) yes of course I do it many times 🙂
        5) No. I have just one list :david.arditti’s list
        I try to create the [simply list] list manualy (from google), then sync. But it does’t work…

        • David Arditti

          Some particularities of my configuration that can help you to find the bug :
          1) I have 2 googles accounts (I try both).
          2) I have Gtasks4Android installed on my Samsung GS2. Sync works ok with this app.

        • thank you. I’ll try to find where’s the bug!

  • Nicodguy

    Bonjour et bravo pour votre travail.
    Je n’arrive pas à mettre des notes en favoris, pourriez-vous m’expliquer SVP ?
    Merci !

  • Something strange is happening i used to be able to sync with google tasks but it has stopped working in the last couple of weeks or so… any idea?

  • Vicker

    Years ago I am a big fan of your SEPY ActionScript editor and it’s great to use your product once again on Android~!! Great product as always~!!

    BTW… If the text is stored as txt or rtf that will be even better, so that we can edit the files on mobile devices and desktop.

  • VTNL

    Hey! I love this app! and think it’s the best note app I’ve found on Android Market.
    It’s my first time syncing with Dropbox today, and when I used SQLite Database Browser to edit the “inotes.bak” file and tries to sync from my phone, I get the message “Synchronization Error Permission Denied” Why is it like that, and how do I fix it?

  • Russell Dickenson

    I just tried out Simply Note because it has most of the features I am looking for. However I noticed some spelling errors. How would you like these reported?

  • Luca

    Io ho acquistato la pro ma su android 4 0 3 mi dice che non è compatibile!!! Voglio levare la pubblicità!!

  • hemodynamix

    love the ease of Simply Note. How do I deactivate the ads? Looked for a paid version in the BB app store, but didn’t see one…
    I really want to support this app!!

  • jjesusmendezm

    Some one can help me? When I want share the simple note by email, appear message información my PlayBook BBerry, ” error 7″. What is that? And how I can fix it? JJMM

  • Piccinin

    Peccato che non sia compatibile col samsung galaxy next… che si può fare? Grazie

  • cewoj

    can’t share a note by messages /email/ on the Blacberry playbook – nothing is happened. Exports using messages works poperly.

  • bhavik

    Hey bro can you share the code ? I am desperate need in this 🙂 as I have a very short time and I want to implement same features as you have developed in your app…

  • Leslie

    can someone please tell me where I need to copy the simply note XML backup file on my new droid so that I can IMPORT all my data ?

    • Kimberly Stafford

      I tried doing so using Google Drive. The problem is that the new Simply Note does not recognize .xml files and will not import them. I wish I could help you, but I am stuck, too.

  • Theophilus70

    Signor Crugnola,

    PLEASE add a software menu button so that I can access settings and import the notes from my Android 4.0.4 device (which had a hardware menu button) into my new Android 4.4.2 device which does not have a hardware menu button. THANKS!

    Si prega di aggiungere un pulsante di menu software. GRAZIE!

  • Kostas Georgaras

    I cant find any button in lg g3.I had a galaxy note 1 and works ok.I bought just open without settings or any other option.olease answer and help.thanks.

    • Kostas Georgaras

      So many mails and no answer?

    • ChiNoyDy

      hi i think u could try to long press the back button. when i was using note 2 theres also a settings button but when i used note 5 theres non. i just discovered it when i long pressed the back button

  • Khahil

    Il programma è molto valido ma sarebbe necessario aggiungere il menu software per quei dispositivi senza menu fisico/touch.
    Porterebbe grandi vantaggi a chi possiede tali dispositivi.


  • cicillo68

    Il programma andrebbe aggiornato perchè ora non funziona più. Va subito in crash e non si riesce a leggere nessun messaggio di errore.
    telefono OneplusOne con Android 5.1.1

  • ChiNoyDy

    do u have a windows version of SIMPLY NOTE so that i could link my cellphone to my laptop. ur program is really very helpful to me in my work

  • Becky Holdford

    I like this app so much I got the paid version! It’s simple, straightforward, and I can back up the notes where I want, i.e. my SD card or Evernote. Thanks for making it.

  • Kimberly Stafford

    Please help. I have been using Simply Note on my Samsung Galaxy 6. I now have a Samsung Galaxy 9. Regrettably, there is no option to transfer the data, only the app itself via the Smart Switch application. When Simply Note is open in my Galaxy 9, it shows options to import/export data. Simply Note on my Galaxy 6, however, has nothing on the screen except for the notes themselves, the ability to create a new note and to save a new note. I connected the Galaxy 6 to my computer and searched for the data files. Regrettably, I only found a couple of files from 2015. I desperately need to move all the data from my 6 to my 9. Please help!