Update your app VERSION using ant

http://ducasco.gr/eth-medal-master-thesis/ eth medal master thesis This is just a quick tip in case someone needs it. Maybe when you compile your flash application or your swc library you want to automatically update the “ http://www.hypehoodie.com/do-boys-and-girls-learn-differently-essay/ do boys and girls learn differently essay VERSION” number too without do it manually every time.

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This is the way I do. In the “compile” task I’ve added a depends link to this ant task:

bmo business plan writer <target name="update-version"> <propertyset id="tdate"></propertyset> <tstamp> <format property="tdate" pattern="yyyyMMdd"/> </tstamp> <buildnumber file="build.number"/> <echo>updating version to current datetime: ${tdate}</echo> <replaceregexp byline="true"> <regexp pattern="public static const BUILD_DATE: String = \'([0-9]+)'"/> <substitution expression="public static const BUILD_DATE: String = '${tdate}'"/> <fileset dir="src/it/sephiroth/somestuff"> <include name="Library.as"/> </fileset> </replaceregexp> <replaceregexp byline="true"> <regexp pattern="public static const BUILD_NUMBER: String = \'([0-9\.]+)'"/> <substitution expression="public static const BUILD_NUMBER: String = '${build.number}'"/> <fileset dir="src/it/sephiroth/somestuff"> <include name="Library.as"/> </fileset> </replaceregexp> </target>

The 2 optional tasks I’ve used are: BuildNumber task and ReplaceRegExp Task. In this way every time I do an ant compile, it will update my build number and modification date.
What this task does is find this 2 lines in my Library.as file:

http://www.inglesesrl.com/how-to-write-a-report/ how to write a report http://latrouvillaise.com/help-my-child-do-homework/ Help My Child Do Homework public static const BUILD_DATE: String = ‘20100131’;

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need help my homework maplestory public static const BUILD_NUMBER: String = ‘5’;

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then replace the BUILD_DATE const with the current date and the BUILD_NUMBER with an incremental build number. After being executed the first time, ant will also create a new file in your directory called “build.number” with the latest build number int.