ActionScript 3, … (rest) parameter, finally! Life Is Sweet Essay Yesterday I was reading the latest actionscript 3 documentation on adobe labs and I found that they finally introduced the … ( rest) function’s argument, as also described in the ECMA Script 4 specifications. No Dissertation Needed Phd I say “finally” because it’s since I discovered python *args and **kwds function arguments that I pray for them also in actionscript. Research Paper On Health Care In actionscript3 rest parameter is used for example:

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public function log(message:String, ... rest):void Buy Viagra Thailand { Persuasive Speech About Smoking logging.text += message + "\n"; Buy Original Research Papers for(var i:uint = 0; i < rest.length; i++) { Writing Personal Essays logging.text += rest[i] + "\n"; Essay On A Raisin In The Sun } Top Ten Essay Writing Websites } log("hello", "spammed", "world");

The reference says about the rest parameter: specifies that a function will accept any number of comma delimited arguments. The list of arguments becomes an array that is available throughout the function body.
Now I just will wait till they will intoduce also the **kwds python equivalent parameter and I will an happy man! 🙂
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Macromedia Labs

Comprar Cialis Online Barato Macromedia launched “Macromedia ” with these words:
“Macromedia MAX 2005 – Anaheim, CA – October 17, 2005 – Macromedia, Inc. today announced Macromedia Labs, a new site on for developers to download early versions of Macromedia technologies, share feedback and insight, and help shape the direction of new products and technologies. Beginning today on Macromedia Labs, developers can download the public alphas of Macromedia Flash Player 8.5 and Macromedia Flex Builder 2, part of the Macromedia Flex 2 product line announced earlier this month. The Flex 2 product line and Flash Player 8.5 are the foundation for building effective rich Internet applications that blend the responsiveness of desktop software, the cross-platform reach of the web, and the breathtaking expressiveness of the Flash Platform.”
Actually on Macromedia Labs we can find info and download about Flex 2 Alpha, Flash Player 8.5 Alpha, and Actionscript 3 Alpha. It’s the first time that Macromedia reveal its future software and features this way, and I think that’s very useful for developers, because in this way the can read and try new features/languages and so migrate to them step by step!