Genere Avventura

The terrific menace of the invaders from the audiogalaxy!

Some italian guys finally released the first version of their adventure game, after 3 years working on it during their free time. I still remember when IlTimido (one of the authors) has shown to me an early beta of the game. I was impressed by the quality of the graphic and the musics.
The game graphics are similar to the famous “Day of the Tentacle”, the navigation is completely mouse based (click and move, click and take…) and there are a lot of citations during the game. (the game is written in flash and you can play it for free from the web)

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Closed for Holidays

Website Assignment Finally it’s time for holidays… This year we will visit Riga, Latvia

Levitra 40 Super Active On 28th of September I will participate at the adobe From A to Web in Milan, and I hope to meet old friends and maybe listen something interesting…
but now let’s enjoy holidays, see you in September 🙂

P.S. here the photos of our holidays:

MDM “Designer Vs Developer” Contest

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