A long journey through chunked transfer and file uploading

help me with my language arts homework It has been a while since I wrote the last post … I know, I’ve still quite a lot of stuff left opened but homework effects on students sooner or later you’ll get it. computer science homework help Don’t worry 😉


viagra premature ejaculation During the last days I’ve been working on improving some server side API for a client I’m working for.

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write and essay for me Actually they’re using a mix of http://www.lakecharlesclinicaltrials.com/research-paper-introduction-paragraph-example/ research paper introduction paragraph example AMF and HTTP based API but, as long as the AMF implementation is unfortunately a bit unstable, they want to move to a full HTTP based API … that sounded quite easy: take a bit of HTTP, dress it with POST and maybe XML (or whatever other ingredient you like most) and you’ll have a good base to start porting the API.


http://historia-sportu.cba.pl/?research-paper-about-leadership research paper about leadership But I’ve ignored a small particular that turned out to be really painful to manage by using just HTTP: sending efficently to the server big chunks of binary data.


western civilization essay Those were the requirements I had to fulfill:

  1. I have potentially really big binary files to be sent quickly to the server;
  2. I have to track upload progress somehow;
  3. I must be able to trigger the upload without the user interaction;
  4. I should rely on HTTP only;

http://www.3pgroup.it/?professional-custom-writing professional custom writing And here the solutions I’ve tried to implement, and the conclusions I’ve achieved (well, I didn’t try all the options because I already knew that a few of them were not suitable for my situation, but they might be useful to someone and so I’m reporting them anyway).


thesis professors mcmaster Continue reading


Flash remoting for python

gates millenium scholarship essay help Yesterday I received an email form Vsevolod ILyushchenko announcing me the alpha version of heart of darkness thesis Flash remoting for python! source site http://simonf.com/amfpython/. There are also many examples here: http://simonf.com/amfpython/code.html


http://obatherbalbatuempedu.org/?p=essay-analysis Second update: http://www.captainconso.com/dilbert-business-plan/ dilbert business plan Serializer Class 2.1 http://globalsecurityops.com/advertisement-analysis-essay/ There is a bug fixing with in special chars lenght, thanks to level business studies coursework help Rainer Becker. The new mxp file is available on the sourceforge site.


source url Last thing. I’ve just uploaded an example which http://wordandspiritmedia.com/literature-research-proposal-sample/ literature research proposal sample Daniel Tavelli send me. follow link An example of Xpath usage in flash mx 2004 using the xfactorstudio xpath class for ActionScript

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