A long journey through chunked transfer and file uploading

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http://reformhistoricfrederick.com/college-essay-about-failure/ college essay about failure During the last days I’ve been working on improving some server side API for a client I’m working for.

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thesis dissertation search Actually they’re using a mix of http://www.nbinflatables.com/tudor-homework-help/ tudor homework help AMF and HTTP based API but, as long as the AMF implementation is unfortunately a bit unstable, they want to move to a full HTTP based API … that sounded quite easy: take a bit of HTTP, dress it with POST and maybe XML (or whatever other ingredient you like most) and you’ll have a good base to start porting the API.

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http://www.wmbp.edu.pl/?bits-ms-dissertation-report bits ms dissertation report But I’ve ignored a small particular that turned out to be really painful to manage by using just HTTP: sending efficently to the server big chunks of binary data.

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http://www.siliconp.de/?dissertation-on-teslas-life dissertation on teslas life Those were the requirements I had to fulfill:

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  1. I have potentially really big binary files to be sent quickly to the server;
  2. I have to track upload progress somehow;
  3. I must be able to trigger the upload without the user interaction;
  4. I should rely on HTTP only;

top ten essay writing services And here the solutions I’ve tried to implement, and the conclusions I’ve achieved (well, I didn’t try all the options because I already knew that a few of them were not suitable for my situation, but they might be useful to someone and so I’m reporting them anyway).

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