Back to home!

Finally, after 15 days in Spain, at Palma Mallorca, I’m just come back to home…
I really really love spain, spanish people (it’s lovely hearing girls speaking), and the idioma.. i would like to learn spanish better now (some words are not enough), i think i will begin some spanish course this year! and some other weekend in Spain in Sevilla or Valencia maybe 🙂

Ok, now that the holydays are finished… back to work again.. back to usual things.. SEPY is waiting for me to fix hundreds of things.
Probably first i need some days of relax.. it’s hard after 15 days of night life 😉
Damn, I cannot believe to the thousands of emails i need to read, obviously 90% is spam.

P.S. Really an holiday “de puta madre” 🙂

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