Nice 3D engine

Today I published under the Flash Download section a 3D engine which Antonin Stefanutti sent to me. 3DFS’s features are :

  • polygonal object rendering (a face can be any 3D convex polygon);
  • camera management (track, dolly, tumble, pan & shake functions);
  • visible surface determination via S-Buffer implementation (perfect object intersection);
  • clipping (front, left, right, back planes);
  • backface culling (per object or face enabling);
  • flat shading with lighting coefficients : ambiant, diffuse & specular;
  • variable rendering resolution and simple variable blur rendering;
  • user defined object mouse events : onMouseOver, onPress, onRelease, etc;
  • usual math transformations : scaling, Euler & quaternion rotating, etc;
  • XML format scene loader;
  • command line 3DS Max ‘.ASE’ format converter (‘tri’ or ‘quad’ modes available);

I found this project very clear and well done, even if I never got into 3D stuff in deep (I didnt want headache at all…)

Here some examples:

For more info visit: His files are released under the GNU General Public License

Download it here:

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